General Information
Species Worm Pokémon
Type Bug-type
Abilities Shield Dust
Run Away (hidden)
Evolves into Silcoon (Lv. 10)
Cascoon (Lv. 10)
Related Pokémon
Related Pokémon Silcoon (evolution)
Cascoon (evolution)
Beautifly (final evolutionary stage)
Dustox (final evolutionary stage)

Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon, the pre-evolved form of Silcoon and Cascoon and the first evolutionary stage of Beautifly and Dustox.


A shiny Wurmple

May's Wurmple was gluttonous and lazy, while Jessie's Wurmple was more stoic and wasn't gluttonous.

Aaron's Wurmple showed that he was very loyal to Aaron, even after being abandoned by him. He went out of his way to train and make himself stronger before returning to Aaron as a Beautifly.

Wurmple can sometimes be found carrying Bright Powder and Pecha Berries.


Wurmple eats leaves and pull bark off trees to feed on the sap.

Wurmple can be attracted with Honey.


Wurmple can be found in Kanto, Johto, HoennSinnoh and Unova, generally in forests and jungles, but can also be found in mountainous areas.

Wurmple can also be found in the Pokéwalker and the Dream World.


Wurmple is preyed on by Starly, Swellow and Taillow.

List of Wurmple


Former Wurmple

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