General Information
Species Royal Pokémon
Type Water/Psychic-type
Abilities Oblivious
Own Tempo
Regenerator (hidden)
Evolves from Kantonian Slowpoke
Related Pokémon
Related Pokémon Kantonian Slowpoke (pre-evolution)
Kantonian Slowbro (Kantonian Slowpoke's alternate evolution)
Galarian Slowking (Galarian form)
Galarian Slowpoke (Galarian form's pre-evolution)
Galarian Slowbro (Galarian Slowpoke's alternate evolution)

Slowking, the Royal Pokémon, Johtonian form and one of the evolved forms of Slowpoke.


A shiny Slowking

The Shellder on Slowking's head releases venom into Slowking's brain, causing a chemical chain-reaction that unlocks a superior intelligence and extraordinary power. The more venom the Shellder releases, the more intelligent Slowking becomes.

If the Shellder on it's head comes off, Slowking will forget everything it has learned and devolve into a Slowpoke.

Slowking can learn how to speak.


Slowking often tries to learn more about the world around it, but is known to be forgetful.

Slowking is able to stay calm in any situation and plan situations with effective results.

Slowking often engages in battles of wits with Oranguru, but the result is usually a draw.

Slowking can sometimes be found carrying King's Rocks.


Wild Slowking can be found in Unova and Alola, generally around water.

List of Slowking

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