General Information
Species Butterfly Pokémon
Type Bug/Flying-type
Abilities Swarm
Rivalry (hidden)
Evolves from Silcoon
Related Pokémon
Related Pokémon Silcoon (pre-evolution)
Wurmple (first evolutionary stage)
Cascoon (Wurmple's alternate evolution)
Dustox (Cascoon's evolution)

Beautifly, the Butterfly Pokémon, the evolved form of Silcoon and one of the final evolutionary stages of Wurmple.


A shiny Beautifly

Beautifly are drawn to flowers to collect pollen.

Beautifly have been described as savage.

Aaron's Beautifly has shown a very loyal nature, after being abandoned for being weak as a Wurmple, Beautifly trained himself on his own and returned to Aaron.


Beautifly feed on pollen that they gather from flowers.

Beautifly is also known to stab prey with their thin mouth to drain their fluids.


Wild Beautifly can be found in Johto and Sinnoh, generally in fields, forests and parks, but can also be found in mountainous areas.

Beautifly are also kept at the Friend Safari in Kalos.

List of Beautifly

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